The launch event and Test Case of the Nautiluscoin at the AlterEgo

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The launch event and Test Case of the Nautiluscoin at the AlterEgo

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The launch of the Nautiluscoin, the digital currency powered by the Drachmae network, took place on Saturday the 26th of September at AlterEgo restaurant of Hotel Yianna on Agistri. Citizens, business owners and journalists had gathered to learn about the new coin. The event included The Athena Model contest and a barbecue. Each citizen that attended was given €100 (c.$115) worth of Nautiluscoin to spend with local businesses.

Drachmae Money is a Digital Currency Mobile Money platform. With Drachmae Money you can send and receive digital currency in Greece using a simple SMS or from your Mobile Money Wallet.

Get Connected, Get Nauti on Agistri

Drachmae Connect enables Greeks, Tourists and Businesses to beat the reliance on traditional banking structures and trade with each other, buy goods and services, receive discounts and earn loyalty points. With the current financial crisis Drachmae Network puts the ability to trade back in to the hands of the people.

Some key features to Drachmae connect work very similar to Facebook merged with Travel booking system for travellers interact directly with Hotels, Bars and restaurants, this therefore enables business to expand their business and provide valued information to tourists.

This attempt at using Blockchain Technology, Digital Currency and ecosystem combined is the 1st attempt in the world with real live users who do not know or understand Blockchain technology or Digital currency, Agistri provided the best test case for the Drachmae Project and Nautilus Coin.

About Nautilus Coin:

Nautilus coin was created over a year ago by Brian Kelly of Brian Kelly Capital since then the Nautilus coin has moved from being a Clone of Bitcoin to being the 1st Official Currency over the NXT Monetary system and blockchain.

The important element to the Nautilus Coin that is going to set it apart and make it unique is the simple fact of purchasing power to back the currency with Gold and other assets in the future such as Olive production, Cotton and other Greek local produce, this means the more the currency is used in day to day purchases means the more Gold etc is purchased to protect the Value of the currency.

Nautilus coin is a Social experiment and most probably the 1st of its kind to date using blockchain technology as the distributed ledger.

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06 Oct 2015