Love Being Me / For parents who spend so much time looking after their kids working that they end up feeling tired and frazzled

Summer 2016 - Monday 1st August to Friday 5th August
Workshop given by:
Julie Leoni
Tel.: 07971 991 501

Love Being Me

A re-boot for busy, frazzled parents who spend so much time thinking about other people, that they have forgotten to think about themselves

Do you sometimes feel like:
– You put loads of time and energy into your kids and your work but have none left for yourself
– You’re stuck in a rut but you’re so tired and so busy you never had time to stop and think about what to do differently
– You’ve lost your mojo, your vavavoom, your get-up-and-go
– You’d like some ‘me’ time to think about what you want and need from life

Then this is the workshop for you. We will cover:
– What your needs are at this stage in your life and how to meet them
– What your strengths are and how to use them more in your life
– How to create/change/tweak your life so that you are living a life that makes you happier
– How to get from where you are to where you want to be

Some of the tools from this course can be used in the workplace and all of them can be used with your family.

‘I’ve had time to reflect on my strengths and discovered how to re-think my imagined negatives. I’ve re-evaluated my life positively so I’m more assertive at work and at home. This is a great course for working mums and dads who feel guilty about doing stuff for themselves or for anyone who feels they have lost their way. It’s helped me re-balance.’

If you are interested in this course you might like to read Love Being Me which supports the course.
Click here to see it on Amazon.

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What to do now

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